Catering at Glenella Care

Residents enjoy home-cooked meals which are prepared, cooked and served under the supervision of qualified chefs and cooks.

Glenella offers a seasonal menu, with consideration given to variety, selection, choice and nutritional benefit to your health and wellbeing.

The seasonal menu is reviewed by a qualified dietician with particular focus given to meet individual resident dietary requirements such as diabetics, low fat, low salt, high protein, food allergies and food allergens such as nuts and gluten, vegetarian and food choices to meet religious needs.

A member staff will assess your dietary needs, food likes and dislikes and meal size preferences on admission and collect your daily menu choice.

Meal times are 7am – 9am breakfast; 12pm – 1pm Lunch; 5pm – 6pm Dinner.

Three meals and snacks are served daily including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

The catering team comprises of a chef, cook and catering assistants.

Morning and Afternoon Tea and Snack Options

food7.jpg IMG_1691.jpg food8.jpg



IMG_1019.jpg IMG_1034.jpg IMG_1029.jpg


Texture Modified Meals

food1.jpg food6.jpg food3.jpg food5.jpg

Dessert and Sweet Options

food2.jpg IMG_9892.jpg

IMG_1732.jpg IMG_1037.jpg